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Woodlands Andergrove Testimonials

Nikki & Todd


Recently purchasing a second home at Woodlands Andergrove, Nikki agrees there is no other place that feels like home.

Nikki is a Bank Manager and her partner, Todd is an Auto Electrician. In 2014, the couple purchased their first home at Woodlands Andergrove and fell in love with all the luxuries the estate has to offer.

When deciding on where to purchase a second home, the only place to look was Woodlands Andergrove.

"Todd and I decided we were ready to move into our next home, and the plan was to keep our current home as an investment whilst moving into a larger home that met our growing needs within the estate.

"There was no comparison on deciding where to purchase, other estates were much more expensive and did not offer half as much, compared to Woodlands Andergrove being so close to supermarkets and shops and only 10-15 minutes from most places in Mackay.

"I also found that we didn't pay much more for a brand-new home as we would have for an established property of a similar size. We upsized to a three-bedroom home on a 480m² block and built with experienced, local builders, Reef Properties. It was fantastic!

"I can't say enough about the estate, it's not only my home but the place I want to stay forever."


Amy & Lane

Amy and Lane

Amy and her husband Lane bought their first home in Australia, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, on a 265sqm lot at Woodlands

"My husband and I wanted to get a foot in the market because we were paying too much in rent. We had a good idea of what we wanted to buy, and where, and Woodlands just ticked all the boxes.

"The purchase process was seamless and the people we dealt with were great. The builders were excellent too – they were professional, and friendly, and they always had enough time for us.

"We love Woodlands because it's only six kilometres to town. It's close to the northern beaches, and surrounded by schools, parks and local shops.

"There's such a strong sense of community – since we've moved in we've already been to community barbeques, native tree planting and Christmas celebrations.

"The thing we loved the most was the visual appeal of the neighbourhood. Woodlands' emphasis on high-quality street-scaping leaves a homely impression, whereas other areas we looked at felt stark in comparison.

"This is our home now, but we’ve bought it to be our investment in the future."



Donna bought her first home, a two-bedroom home, on a 265sqm lot in Woodlands, Mackay.

"I've always dreamed of owning my own home, but I didn't know if it was possible on only one income. Now it's been two months since I moved in and I love it so much I still pinch myself every day!

"The smaller-sized blocks with a new house on them were a real selling point for me. The house and yard is easy to maintain, and it was affordable, so I can just focus on my family and our great future.

"The house itself is really stylish and compact, and it makes great use of space. It's perfect for me, and I think it would be great for young couples, small families, singles and over-55's looking to downsize too.

"I love the community focus of Woodlands. I know all my neighbours, we get along brilliantly, with the opportunity to catch-up at the events, forums and community gatherings Woodlands organises.

"The surrounding bushland is definitely my favourite aspect of Woodlands. There's not too many neighbourhoods where you're surrounded by ten hectares of bushland.

"I'd do it all over again with the builders. Gemini Homes were professional, they involved me in the process, and the quality of their work is outstanding.

"Woodlands was the first place I looked, and I didn't look anywhere else."

Dunelle & Richard

Dunelle and Richard

Dunelle and her husband Richard Charles bought their first home, a Rivercity Homes 2 Bedroom, 1 bathroom villa on a 111 sqm lot, Lot 81, Bunya Way Woodlands.

Dunelle and Richard will move into their new home when it is completed in October-November 2012.

"We moved to Mackay from South Africa 4 years ago, when my husband's family migrated out here.

"Since we started house hunting seriously about 4 months ago, we looked at a few houses and units in Mackay, but most 2 bedroom units were selling for more than $300,000. We knew we would find something in our price range eventually, but we just had to keep looking.

"We were really excited when we found out about Woodlands.

"We bought in Woodlands because we wanted a brand new home, and the first home owners grant helped us to put down a bigger deposit. The house itself is something that we felt was a good investment in the long run, especially for the price, and we just didn’t see better value anywhere on the market.

"We see ourselves living in Mackay for at least the next few years, because this is where our work is, and my husband's family lives in Mackay too."