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Building guidelines

Economic Development Queensland’s (EDQ) vision is to create vibrant inclusive communities. Design Guidelines have been prepared for homes within the Woodlands community because we understand the importance of innovation, well designed built form, quality streetscapes and energy efficient homes that have been designed for modern living.

The Design Guidelines promote a consistent, high standard of design and construction. They form a part of your land sales contract and approval must be sought in addition to, and not in lieu of other statutory requirements. EDQ encourages individuality and innovation in design and may, with individual merit, approve designs which do not comply. Interpretation of the provisions of the Design Guidelines is at the absolute discretion of EDQ.

Building and/or landscaping work must be constructed/carried out in accordance with the Design Guidelines written approval, approved plans and any special conditions. EDQ reserves the right to request evidence from the buyer/builder demonstrating compliance with these guidelines.

Design guidelines

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